We offer components for solar power plants. Please contact us for the customer support.


PV panels, GreenEnergy Finland Oy

GreenEnergy Finland offers monocrystalline, multicrystalline and thin film photovoltaic modules from the leading international manufacturers.

  • Multicrystalline silicon modules are the most popular because of its highest performance-to-cost ratio. We offer modules 260 Wp (60 cells) and 300 Wp (72 cells) modules. Modules are dark blue.
  • Monocrystalline silicon modules are the most efficient and best suitable in the places, where area for PV assembly is limited. We offer modules 265-290 Wp (60 cells) and 310-330 Wp (72 cells) modules. Cells are black, but because their corners are round cells can be easily seen.
  • Thin film solar modules we are offering are amorphous-Si based and they are the most suitable for those customers, who prefers esthetic more than the efficiency. These modules can be integrated in the building construction (e.g. in facades). Modules look dark amber in color.
Regardless different properties, all the modules comply with the requirements for PV performance (TÛV certificates) and have a long time warranty (power production longer than 25 years). All the modules are also designed to withstand harsh winter conditions.


Solar inverters and monitoring systems, GreenEnergy Finland Oy


Solar panels, affected by solar irradiation, produce direct current, which is usually be converted in alternative current (compatible with the majority of appliances) by an inverter. 

We offer high-quality, reliable and efficient inverters, produced by ABB.

We also offer service for these inverters and products for the operation monitoring.





Mounting system is an important part of a solar plant. It is needed for proper PV panel installation with required tilt angle, which is very important for the optimal power production. Mounting system should be carefully designed in order to provide needed stability and to withstand required mechanical stresses, e.g. produced by snow load and wind.

GreenEnergy Finland provides optimal design of the mounting systems for the customers.

PV system installation