Together with partners, who have impeccable reputation on the market, GreenEnergy Finland offers products, which are the practical implementation of the highest quality, functionality, great performance and attractive price.

ABB PV system integrator

GreenEnergy Finland is ABB PV system integrator.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Technology plays a key role for ABB. They have activities all over the world working to develop unique technologies that make our customers more competitive, while minimizing environmental impact. ABB operates in more than 100 countries and has offices in 87 of those countries to give its global and local customers the support they need to develop and conduct their business successfully.



GreenEnergy Finland is a member of Cleantech Finland

Cleantech Finland is a network of top cleantech companies and experts. Cleantech Finland brings the world’s best cleantech solutions and expertise to companies and public-sector organizations that have environmental or energy-efficiency problems that need solving. 

Partnership with Elfin


GreenEnergy Finland offers PV packages for the private customers. These packages are available for sale in Finland via our reliable partner Elfin, which always provides best services to our customers.

Elfin network unites over 150 professional companies. Founded in 2004, Elfin is still growing fast. Elfin provides a large scope of safe and competent PV electrical installation services in accordance with latest standards. These services include maintenance, user guidance, provision of the spare parts and materials.

GreenEnergy Finland Oy works in cooperation with Etec Automation Oy
Etec Automation Oy offers wide variety of technical engineering, installation and contracting services in electrical and automation, HVAC, Wind and Solar Park electrification and IPC/ digital and analog electronics repairs.
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FinSolar is a project by Aalto University School of Business, funded by Tekes. Together with over 50 partner organizations FinSolar is set to support and accelerate the growth of solar energy markets in Finland and export activities.